• Will students be allowed to live on campus in the Fall? Who will have priority to live on campus? 

    We look forward to returning students to campus and will house approximately 3,500 students in on campus residence halls, which is approximately 54% of normal capacity, to ensure adequate physical distancing as reviewed by the San Diego County Health and Human Services Agency. This means housing license agreements will be rescinded for some students. Students in residence will receive substantial on-campus academic support through residential programs, respecting social distancing requirements and increased health and safety protections. 

    With public health in mind, and to allow undergraduates to be on campus with their peers, faculty, and staff as safely as possible, student housing is guaranteed to those who: 

    • Are non-local first-time freshmen;
    • Are non-local rising sophomores who will have in-person classes;
    • Students in specific SDSU programs such as Guardian Scholars, Presidential Scholars, student-athletes, students with accessibility-related needs; and
    • Students with emergency housing needs or other unique needs.

    Housing is guaranteed for students in the groups listed above who confirm their license agreement on the Housing Portal by June 15, 2020.

    All other students can request to be considered for on-campus housing by indicating their interest in the Housing Portal. Students will be notified if there is availability within the 3,500 reduced capacity limit. The Office of Housing Administration and Residential Education Office will be sharing more specific information directly with students. 

  • Is the Sophomore Housing Lottery still happening?

    The Sophomore Housing Lottery will no longer take place as planned. Instead, rising sophomores who we are able to accommodate on-campus will be assigned based on the building and room type preferences submitted in the Housing Portal, based on availability. 

  • What will happen with REO? Will there be RAs/CAs/AMs and Desk Assistants during Fall 2020?

    We continue to enhance our student support services, facilities and program offerings. Our primary responsibility is to provide a safe and welcoming environment to all student residents. Students living on campus will have access to inclusive living communities and the kinds of learning opportunities that will support their holistic growth. Full-time staff including Residence Halls Coordinators, RAs/CAs, and Front Desk Assistants will be available in the on-campus communities to support student success as well as safety. 

  • My student has signed a housing lease off campus, what will SDSU do to support my student getting out of the lease? Is the university doing anything to accommodate students who are in leases but no longer need housing for Fall 2020?
    SDSU does not have the ability to impact off campus lease terms. However, a number of third-party housing companies have extended flexibility to allow students and residents to separate from their leases without financial penalty. Some off-campus landlords or leasing companies will also allow subletting or reletting of space, in addition to other options. We encourage our students to work with their off-campus property managers to explore what options, if any, they have to get out of their leases. 

    For those where this is not possible, SDSU is offering assistance in navigating needed financial or housing support through the Economic Crisis Response Team. Students can reach out to the team via the online ECRT assistance request form.
  • Can we receive a refund for the on-campus housing initial payment?

    Incoming freshmen who cancel their license agreement by June 15, 2020 are eligible for a full refund of the $375 initial payment. Incoming freshmen who have had their license agreement rescinded will also receive a full refund to their student account automatically.

  • Can freshmen living on campus bring their cars? Will we have to pay for parking?

    To provide maximum flexibility, we are suspending the freshman parking restriction for the 2020-21 academic year so that freshmen may bring their vehicles to campus. Yes, those who choose to do so will still be required to pay for parking if they are parking on campus.

  • Who is required to have a meal plan for Fall 2020? 

    Meals plans for freshmen students living on campus are required. Meal plans for sophomore and upper division students living on campus are optional. Meal plans are not required for any students living off-campus. 

  • How much will the meal plans cost for Fall 2020 and Spring 2021? Will they be discounted?
    Meal plan packages have been updated for the 2020-21 academic year to provide increased flexibility of options. Students can choose a Mini Plan, Select Plan, or Prime Value Plan that includes an allotment of meals and weekly declining balances.