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Tenochca to South Campus Plaza Move - 2016-17

The Tenochca community will be transitioning to the South Campus Plaza complex at the end of the Fall semester and beginning of Spring semester. There are several important steps for each resident to follow to make this a smooth transition. 

Steps for T2SCP Transition

Step 1 - Select Roommates and Room-type - (Monday, October 10 at noon)

  • We understand that many of you will want to stay with your current roommates and current room-type. You will be able to do so if you choose. You will also be able to select a double occupancy room-type and different roommate(s) if you would like to do that instead.
  • The Residential Education staff of Tenochca will be hosting a number of Roommate Matching Parties for those seeking other roommates on Wednesday October 5 and Thursday, October 6 at 6:00pm. Look for posters in Tenochca.
  • Housing Administration will need to know your preference by Monday, October 10 at noon. For those who do not notify Housing Administration of their selection, assignments will be made for them.  

Step 2 - All Hall Meeting - (October 5, 2016 at 5:30pm - in Tula Community Center)

  •  Representatives from Housing Administration and Residential Education will be available to provide details about the transition logistics, timeline, and expectations.

Step 3 - Tours - (Various Dates TBD)

  • Tours of the South Campus Plaza project are offered on a first-come first-served basis for up to 20 residents at a time.
  • Sign-ups will be at the Tenochca front desk.
  • As the community is still under construction, the proper safety protocol must be followed. A hard-hat, safety glasses, and safety vests will be provided. Tour participants, must also wear long pants and hard-soled closed-toed shoes. Anyone not following proper safety protocol will be turned away.
  • Dates and time are subject to change.

Step 4 - Check Email for Roommate and Room-type assignments - (November 14, 2016)

Step 5 - Pack Your Belongings

  • Each resident will be provided containers to pack all of their items.
  • Students will pack their belongings into the containers before they leave for Winter Break.
  • Tenochca will remain open for one additional day after Finals to accommodate the packing of items. All residents will be required to leave no later than Friday, December 23 at 10am. 

Step 6 - Check-out/Change our Mailing Address - (By Friday, December 23 at 10am)

  • Each resident will be required to check out of their room with their designated staff to confirm their:
    • Personal items have been properly tagged and are ready for moving (Please take valuables home with you over break)
    • Rooms have been cleaned and furniture is in proper repair
    • Keys have been checked-in
    • Please Note: Anyone who does not check out properly or has failed to pack their items as instructed will be subject to the improper checkout fees.
  • Change of address forms should be submitted to ensure mail is sent to the new address. Given the desks are not operational until January 15, the forms should not be indicated the effective date prior to January 15, 2017, otherwise, items will be returned to sender.  

Step 7 - Have a wonderful Winter Break - (December 23, 2016 - January 15, 2017)

  • While you are on break, SDSU will hire licensed and insured movers to move all belongs from Tenochca to the designated South Campus Plaza Hall (e.g. SCP North Hall and SCP South Hall).
  • All items will be placed in the appropriate rooms prior to Spring Semester Move-in.  

Step 8 - Move-in directly to your designated community - (Sunday, January, 15, 2017)

  • Students will check-in at their designated hall (e.g., SCP North Hall or SCP South Hall) to check-out their key.
  • Floor meetings will be conducted in the 2nd Floor Meeting Rooms at to-be-determined times to orient residents to the new building and expectations regarding cleaning, safety, construction activity, mail, etc.  

Step 9 - Enjoy the rest of your year as the first residents of South Campus Plaza!

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to many questions can be found at: T2SCP Frequently Asked Questions

More details and reminders will continue follow as the year proceeds. Please contact your REO staff or the Housing Administration staff if you have any questions.