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What we offer

  • Triple and Quad rooms: Triple and Quad occupancy accommodations: They are the best value and offer the greatest opportunity to develop a large social network.
  • Double rooms: Double occupancy accommodations: They also offer a great opportunity to develop a large social network. A typical double room has dimensions of 11 feet by 15 feet and the ceiling is 8 feet high in most rooms. There is a price difference for the double rooms.
  • Single rooms: Single occupancy accommodations: There is a price difference for the single rooms.

Students may also choose a Residential Learning Community as part of their living choices. Click here to learn more.

two students chat on campus

Residence halls are on the east and west sides of campus.

a student works on his computer

All halls have local cable service and wireless Internet in each room.

a man and woman fold laundry together

All halls are coed. Individual rooms and suites are same-gender.

What’s Included:

Each room is equipped with a bed, desk and chair, dresser, closet and bookshelf for each resident. The buildings and floors are co-ed; the rooms and bathrooms are single-gender.

Many amenities are also included:

  • the housing contract includes room and meals (except in Villa Alvarado where non first-time freshmen do not have to have a meal plan).
  • wireless internet
  • philo television
  • Aztec Recreation Center membership
  • Aztec Aquaplex membership
  • live-in Residence Hall Coordinator 
  • live-in Resident Advisor/Community Advisor on each floor 
  • Faculty-in-Residence
  • access to a Residential Connectivity Assistant
  • trash cans and recycling bins in rooms (one per resident) 
  • community kitchen in most halls
  • television lounge
  • recreation room 
  • laundry room 
  • study and seminar rooms 
  • access to STAR Centers (academic resource labs)
  • 24-hour front desk operation 
  • custodial service in common areas 
  • weekly newsletter (Hall Street Journal)
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