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Health & Safety Inspections

The health and safety of our residential communities is a shared responsibility with both the residents and the university doing their part. Section A.18 of the License Agreement states:

“The university shall have the right to enter the premises occupied by Licensee for the purposes of emergency, health, safety, maintenance, management of applicable rules and regulations, or for any other lawful purpose including, but not limited to, monthly inspections of the residential and common living and bathroom areas.”

What to Expect From Your Staff:

Our staff have been given specific instructions on what is expected of them in conducting inspections. Below, please find information regarding the process and what you can EXPECT from the Inventory Inspection Assistant Staff.

  1. Expect that inspections may be conducted as often as once each month.
  2. Expect that the purpose of the inspections is to help maintain a safe living environment. It is not to invade privacy.
  3. Expect that staff members will provide advance notification to residents by posting notices at least 24 hours prior to the inspections.
  4. Expect that staff members will announce specific days and times they will be conducting inspections. Residents are highly encouraged to be present, but presence is NOT mandatory for the inspection to be completed by staff.
  5. Expect that the inspection should take no more than 5-10 minutes per apartment/suite/room.
  6. Expect that the inspection will be conducted whether residents are present or not.
  7. Expect that there will always be a minimum of two (2) staff members entering your room/apartment/suite to conduct the inspection.
  8. Expect that as staff members begin inspection, they will knock on your apartment/suite/room door. If there is no answer, they will try again. If there continues to be no response, the staff members will announce themselves and key into your apartment/suite/room in order to complete the inspection.
  9. Expect that once inside your apartment/suite/room, staff members will look at the listed items on the inspection form (please view the inspection form if you are interested in seeing what they will be looking for) and for any other policy violations.
  10. Expect that as staff members are conducting the inspection, they are completing a plain view inspection with the exception of emergency and facility equipment/appliances that may be located behind closed doors. Staff members will be looking under or around furniture to inspect extension cords, multi-plug outlets, etc.
  11. Expect that if you are present at the time of the inspection, staff will ask you if there are any facilities issues. Also, expect that you will be asked to submit service requests via the Housing Portal.
  12. Expect that you will be informed via email when inspection results are posted on the Housing Portal.
  13. Expect that if there ARE violations that require improvement and re-inspection:
    • You will be informed when a follow up inspection will be scheduled.
    • You will be billed $25.00 for the follow up inspection.
    • If your apartment/suite/room is found to be in violation of the cleanliness health and hygiene policy a second time, the university will take action to rectify the violation by cleaning the space and billing you additional charges for the cleaning service.
    • Incident reports will be written for specific violations. You and your roommates may be required to go through the judicial process.
  14. Expect that during an inspection, if staff become aware of other types of violations of university policy, they are required to respond in standard process to the violations. This may include contacting university police and/or writing an incident report for further judicial action.
  15. Expect that if animals (other than what is permitted under policy) are found, they will need to be removed from the building immediately. An incident report will be completed for further judicial action and you may be billed for clean up or damage charges related to the animal.
  16. Expect that upon completion of the inspection, staff will lock the front door of your apartment/suite/room.


To view the results of your health and safety inspections:  

Log into your Housing Portal