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License Agreement

This is your home for the next academic year. By signing your Student Housing License Agreement, you are indicating that you are an adult who is mature and capable of handling the opportunity of living in a community, as well as handling the responsibilities which include confronting someone who is violating your rights, being accountable for your behavior, and recognizing the compromises necessary when living with other people. In adult life, all rights have corresponding responsibilities. You are responsible for your actions within a community and those actions affect others. Be responsible and considerate of your community. Behaviors that do not reflect these actions can result in judicial action, eviction, or paying restitution.

PDF Terms and Conditions 2017-18

PDF Terms and Conditions 2016-17

PDF 11.5-Month License Agreement Addendum 

PDF Sophomore Success Addendum 

The Terms & Conditions and the Policies & Regulations govern all residence hall and on-campus apartment occupants. By completing and signing the Student Housing License Agreement, you agree to all of these provisions. Please read these provisions carefully before submitting a completed License Agreement.

License Agreement Cancellation

View information for the license agreement cancellation process before or after the cancellation deadline.