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Important Move-out Information 2017

Finals begin on Thursday, May 4th and end on Thursday, May 11th. All halls close for the academic year (except Granada and Piedra del Sol) on Friday, May 12, 2017 at 10:00 a.m. Please keep this in mind when making travel arrangements. Be sure to attend your move-out floor meeting as scheduled by your Residential Education staff. We recommend that all students attend for information on check out.

The Student Housing License Agreement states that you are to move out by 8:00 p.m. on the day of your LAST final, or 10:00 a.m. on Friday, May 12th, whichever comes first.  Please keep this in mind when making travel arrangements. Click here to let us know when you plan to leave. This will help us plan staffing appropriately.

Be sure to attend your move-out floor meeting as scheduled by your Residential Education staff. We recommend that all students attend for information on check out. Also, please participate in the annual Give It Up donation drive. Donate any non-perishable food items and usable goods that you are not taking with you.

How to Check Out of Your Room/Suite/Apartment

Click on your hall below for specific procedures on how to check out of and properly clean your room, rearrange your furniture and more. 

Parking Information 

Please remember that all parking regulations remain in effect during closing and move out periods. This includes restrictions for fire lanes, 15 minute loading zones and handicapped spaces. Anyone using these areas as loading zones will be ticketed. Regulations apply to all vehicles, including faculty, staff, paraprofessional staff members, desk staff, residents, students, families and others.

Preparing for Move-out

At the end of the academic year residents have the option of completing a standard or express check out, as described below.  Either can be a simple process, if you plan ahead.

Standard Check Out

  1. Sign up with your RA/CA prior to finals week for a check out appointment time.
  2. Pack up all of your belongings and have them OUT OF THE ROOM/SUITE/APARTMENT prior to your apointment. 

Express Check Out

  1. Obtain an express check out envelope from your RA/CA or the front desk.
  2. Place your keys in the envelope.
  3. Sign the statement of responsibility.
  4. Remove your belongings and drop the envelope at the front desk.

Before you check out of your room/suite/apartment:

  1. Discuss cleaning and damage responsibility with your roommates and complete this form.
  2. Clean your room/suite/apartment.
  3. Be that sure all furniture is in the room and properly arranged/assembled (see floor plan by building above).  Be sure if your furniture was bunked that it has been returned to its original bunked position.

What Not to Do

You will not be checked out and will be charged for an improper checkout if:

  1. Your belongings are not out of the room/suite/apartment;
  2. You have not completed cleaning the room/suite/apartment; or
  3. All furniture is not in its proper place.

Note that a hold-over fee will be assessed for every hour you are vacating your space after 10:00 a.m. on Friday, May 12th so it is important to completely check out and move-out before then.

Some Other Important Things to Remember

  1. Carpets
    • If you have carpet in your room, you are responsible for removing it before you will be checked out.
    • Remember that carpets will not fit down the trash chutes.
    • Carpets should be placed in the large dumpsters in front of buildings.
  2. Bikes
    • If you have a key for the Bike Barn turn the key into the Office of Housing Administration before you leave or you will be charged for the key replacement.
    • If you have a vertical bike locker at Villa Alvarado, be sure to remove your lock.
  3. Mail
    • We will only forward first class mail.
    • Update your address in your SDSU WebPortal. 
    • Cancel/forward newspaper and magazine subscriptions
  4. Give It Up!
    • 9th annual SDSU Residence Hall donation drive
    • Disabled American Veterans collection bins are at each campus housing facility. As you are cleaning out your room, if you have anything to donate, please put it in the bin.
    • San Diego Food Bank collection bins are at each campus housing facility. If you have any non-perishable food items to donate please put them in the red bins.
    • Every donation helps. Thank You!