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Housing Payments

Housing payment amounts will vary depending upon the type of accommodation and meal plan you select. All payments begin with a non-refundable $375 initial payment due at the time you submit your License Agreement. The initial payment is credited toward your total cost and is not a deposit. If you have a 9-month lease, you have the option of paying the remaining amount in eight payments, August through April. If you have an 11.5-month lease, you have the option of paying the remaining amount in ten payments, August through June. You may also make as many payments as you like in advance. Please find the payment schedules below. 

View payment schedules for 2017-18:

The university uses a centralized Student Statement eBills for invoicing student's housing costs. Student Statement eBills are issued electronically (unless you have paid in advance and no payment is due).

Actual statement dates can be found on the Student Account Services website. You will be sent an e-mail, to the e-mail address in your WebPortal, directing you to a secure website to receive the eBill. Make sure that the student's address in the WebPortal is updated with the correct information. Students are responsible for all amounts due - late payments are subject to a $20 late charge assessed by the University Cashiers Office. The eBill system allows students to add multiple e-mail addresses to receive notification of the bill and allows multiple users to view the bill. 

Making Payments

There are a variety of options for making payments:

1. Pay by electronic check by using SDSU’s ACH online payment method. Click on the link on the eBill website, or log on to the Student Account Services website and click on Payment by Electronic Check. There is no convenience fee charged for this service.

2. Pay by credit card using CASHNet™ SMARTPAY, the university’s secure third party vendor. MasterCard, Discover or American Express charge card are accepted (Visa is not accepted on SMARTPAY). Upon viewing the Student Statement eBill, click on the link for credit card payment or log on to the Student Account Services website and click on Payment by Credit Card. RedID number and PIN required. There is no convenience fee charged for housing payments. 

3. Pay by credit card or debit card at the University Cashiers Office. If paying in person, Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express charge cards are accepted. 

4. Pay by check, money order or cashier’s check, made payable to SDSU. When paying this way, print the coupon from your eBill, and mail it to the SDSU University Cashier at 5500 Campanile Dr, San Diego, CA 92182-7426 or deliver it with the payment to the Cashiers Office. 

Financial Aid

If a student is receiving financial aid (grants, loans, or scholarships), the university's policy is to transfer those funds to pay for any outstanding institutional charges, including housing fees. The entire semester’s cost (the amount remaining after the initial payment is made) will be deducted at the beginning of each semester if your aid disbursement is enough to cover the semester’s total costs. If the student's aid disbursement is not enough to cover the semester’s total costs, the student is responsible for making any remaining payments as each one becomes due.

Students are expected to use your own funds for the $375 initial payment due with your License Agreement.

If the student's financial aid award includes a federal loan, they will need to activate their loan through AidLink before loan funds can be transferred. Student loans must be activated beginning early July and no later than August 1 in order for the funds to be available for the student's fall semester payments (activated by mid-December for funds to be available for your spring semester payments). Parent loans can be activated beginning early July.