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Transfer Student Housing

Living On Campus

As a transfer student, you are in a unique position at SDSU and can benefit from living in a residential community of students your own age and with similar experiences. To help transition into the SDSU community, transfer students may choose to live in a transfer community at our apartments.

If our 'Top Ten Reasons to Live at SDSU' wasn't convincing enough look at how living on campus can benefit you.

The benefits of living on campus as a Transfer Student

  • Make friends and build community.
  • It's convenient. You don't even need a car. Walk to class, sleep more and drive less.
  • Protect your credit from roommates who don't pay their bills on time. You are only responsible for your own space and rent.
  • Live with other transfer students your age (i.e., without freshmen students).
  • Opportunity to have your own room.
  • Easy access to SDSU resources: Aztec Center (ARC), STAR Centers, tutoring and Aztec Nights.
  • Campus apartments have full kitchens so you can cook in your apartment. Not into cooking? There are a variety of meal plans to fit your needs.
  • There is a greater focus on academics. Those who live on campus have a 10 - 15 percent better chance of doing well in college. They are more likely to have a higher GPA, take more units and are more likely to graduate on time with the degree of their choice than students who do not live on campus.
  • Living on campus is proven to keep students on track to graduate with higher retention rates and grade point averages.

Transfer Student Housing Options

Transfer living areas are open over the break periods. This is a great options for students who are new to San Diego State University. Staff members assigned to work with these students design programs to help transfer students meet other students with similar experiences and offer tips on how to transition successfully to SDSU.