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Residential Learning Communities

What SDSU Recommends

If you choose to live on-campus during your freshman year, the University recommends you live in a residential learning community.  However, the choice is yours.  Being an active member in your community and doing well academically will make your transition to college smoother. Find the community that's right for you!

Making Friends

Residential learning communities (RLCs) are designed to assist first-time freshman living on campus as they make the transition from high school to college.  Participants are enrolled as a group in a set of connected courses.  Being a part of an RLC will help you to develop life-long friendships and will make SDSU feel like a smaller place.  Resident Advisors and Academic Mentors make great communities through floor events, guest lectures, field trips, and one-on-one support.  Who wouldn’t want that?

Getting Good Grades

The combination of taking classes and living together creates a supportive network of “study buddies.”  Students enrolled in the same major and involved with similar academic interests create a community of scholars.   Residents of RLCs report higher grade point averages, higher retention rates to their sophomore year, a greater likelihood to graduate in four years and an overall better college experience.

Get the Classes You Need

Each community is created around a theme or major.  The combination of classes is designed to fit the majors within the theme floor as well as the University's Major Academic Plan (MAP). Classes may include a University Seminar, general education courses and/or other classes associated with the RLC content.  However, students with an interest in the theme from any major may enroll in the community with approval.

Visit the RLC classes page for a list of the classes residents are typically enrolled in based on their RLC.

Applying for a Learning Community

Students indicate their preference for a learning community in the Living Choices section of the housing application (For instructions on how to access the Living Choices, see Steps to Apply).

You will be notified in July of your admission to a learning community. If accepted, you will be placed in a course package dependent on the learning community you are placed in.

You will receive a confirmation letter indicating your assigned learning community and course package, including the days and times of your courses. You will automatically be registered for those courses. Please note that assignments are to specific sections of courses and cannot be changed. You must remain enrolled in all courses in your course cohort in order to remain in your learning community.

Be sure to bring your confirmation letter with you to New Student Orientation so that your academic advisor can help you complete your course schedule.

New Student Orientation

Please plan on attending SDSU’s New Student Orientation. Refer to your New Student Orientation brochure mailed in the spring or contact the Office of New Student & Parent Programs at (619) 594-1509.