Service Requests

If something in your residence malfunctions or breaks, or if you notice something is out of order on the property, please submit a service request. Repairs will be made on a priority basis and are typically completed within 48 hours. Please be aware that in some cases, it may take several days for a service request to be completed if parts must be ordered.

To provide a quick response to your service request, maintenance may access your space when you are not present. Please clear a space for maintenance to work and remember to take your room keys with you. Maintenance staff are trained to lock the door when they leave.

Submit a service request on the SDSU Housing app, Housing Portal or at your front desk. You can check the status of your service request on the SDSU Housing app or the Housing Portal.

Submit Service Request

Sample Service Request Needs 

Water leaks Garbage disposals
Heating and air conditioning Lock, key, or access card issues
Malfunctioning toilets WiFi connectivity 
Burned-out light bulbs Appliances (dishwasher, refrigerator, oven, etc.)
Broken window blinds And many others
Broken furniture (bed, desk, shelving, etc.)  

Emergency Repairs

The issues below are considered high-priority and should be called into your front desk immediately to be attended to quickly. Maintence staff are available 24/7 to conduct emergency repairs. 

Flooding or execessive leaks Broken door/suite locks
Continuous flushing toilets Bedbug reports
Power outages Broken windows
No hot water Biohazard or human waste cleanup
Chronic issue (more than two service requests submitted)