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Housing and Residential Education

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Thematic Living Community Options

Aztec Engineering 

The Aztec Engineering program supports engineering students by housing them together for support and study group development.

Extended Quiet Hours

Available in various halls, these areas feature extended quiet study hours as determined by the residents. All residents and their guests are required to adhere to these policies.

Substance Free

These areas promote a healthy living environment. Substance Free Lifestyle community members desire to live a well-balanced and fun way of life and are looking to share these values with other like-minded individuals.  Students in this community pledge to live their lives free of alcohol, tobacco, and other mind-altering substances both on and off campus. (All residence halls are non-smoking in accordance with California state laws.) Guests of residents in these areas are expected to adhere to this lifestyle. SDSU residence halls comply with all state and federal regulations relating to the use of alcohol and other drugs.