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Housing and Residential Education

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Student Leaders

photo of student leaders by Zura mural

Welcome to the Student Leader Selection Website! We are looking for Responsible, Fun, Diverse
members of our community to apply to be a Student Leader (Resident Advisor, Community Assistant, or Academic Mentor) for the 2018-2019 academic year!

Our Student Leaders are widely involved on campus and come from every academic area.

Important Dates

  • Dec. 1, 2017: Applications are live via eRezLife @12noon

  • Jan. 31, 2018: Application/Reference deadline @12noon

  • Feb. 10 & 11, 2018:  Interview Weekend (invitation only)

  • Mar. 23, 2018: Student Leader notification@5pm via email – SELECTION DECISIONS

Information Sessions

  • Friday, December 1 - Glazer Ctr. For Leadership- Student Union, 11:00am
  • Monday, December 4 - Cuicacalli Seminar Room, 7:00pm
  • Wednesday, December 6 - Glazer Ctr. For Leadership- Student Union, 10:00am
  • Thursday, December 7 - International Student Center, 5:00pm
  • Wednesday, January 17, 6:30pm, University Towers Meeting Room
  • Monday, January 22, 6:00pm, Multipurpose Room, South Campus Plaza-North
  • Tuesday January 23, 5:30pm, Cuicacalli Seminar Room
  • Wednesday, January 24, 5:00pm, Granada Community Room
  • Thursday, January 25, Noon, Glazer Ctr. For Leadership- Student Union
  • Friday, January 26, 2:00pm, International Student Center
  • Monday, January 29, 8:00pm, Villa Alvarado Community Center
  • Tuesday, January 30, Noon, Multipurpose Room, South Campus Plaza- South
  • Tuesday, January 30, 6:00pm, Zura Classroom

Applicants must attend one information session prior to the application deadline.

Brief Role Description & Responsibilities

Please keep in mind these descriptions are an overview of the Student Leader roles and responsibilities.

Resident Advisor (RA) Role

  • Work with first year students, helping them transition to college life
  • Maintain safety and welfare for residential students
  • Serve as a resource and mentor by providing skill building for transition to and success at SDSU
  • Perform community walks—remaining on call or “on duty”
  • Provide social and educational programs
  • Work 3 hours per week at the front desk (Paid hourly rate of $11.00/hr) separate appointment as a Student Assistant 

Community Assistant (CA) Role

  • Work with second year, transfer and upper division students helping them to be successful at SDSU
  • Maintain safety and welfare for residential students
  • Serve as a resource and mentor, focusing more on community building, networking and transition into career/grad school opportunities
  • Perform community walks—remaining on call or “on duty”
  • Provide social and educational programming focused on second year, upper division student and transfer student needs.
  • Work 3 hours per week at the front desk (Paid hourly rate of $11.00/hr) separate appointment as a Student Assistant) 

Academic Mentor (AM) Role

  • Work with first year students in Residential Learning Communities to enhance their academic success during their transition to SDSU.
  • Mentor students during their first year
  • Serve as an academic resource and role model
  • Plan and implement academic related programming in the STAR centers
  • Work 5-10 hours at the front desk (5 required and 5 optional)
  • Work 2-3 hours in the STAR center
  • Have 1-on-1s with residents and Academic Coordinator

Residential Education Diversity Statement

Diversity education is central to our educational mission, and we are particularly looking for individuals who are eager to join us in our commitment to the celebration of the diversity of students living in the residence halls. San Diego State University does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, sex, age, ability, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity or national origin in admissions, scholarship and loan programs and other institutional programs and activities.

Residential Education Mission Statement

In support of the overall mission of SDSU and the Division of Student Affairs, the Residential Education Office strives to provide safe and supportive on-campus living learning communities where diverse students are challenged to develop holistically; as scholars, citizens and leaders.

Residential Education staff members are dedicated to providing curricular and co-curricular experiences to develop and enhance residents' academic success, awareness and appreciation of diversity, and civic responsibility.

Values of Residential Education

Residential Education's values are a set of core beliefs that guide our work with students, colleagues, faculty and other constituents.  While contributing to the goals of the University and the Division of Student Affairs, staff members of the Residential Education Office strive to: 

  • Achieve excellence in all that we do.
  • Address students as unique individuals with multidimensional needs and unlimited potential for personal development.
  • Promote integrity, accountability, responsibility, respect and collaboration.
  • Promote the connectedness between curricular and co-curricular learning.
  • Embrace, celebrate, and educate issues related to diversity.
  • Develop communities that embrace civic responsibility, life-long learning, and healthy lifestyles.
  • Maintain balance and perspective, serving as sound role models for others.
  • Innovate, evaluate, and refine programs to best meet the needs of the changing student population.

Student Leader Application Checklist 

    • Information Session – applicants must attend one information session prior to the application deadline
    • Online Application & Professional References – applicants must complete an application with 2 professional references
    • Interview Weekend– applicants must participate on the designated interview dates

Apply Now

In order to start your application process, you will need to sign in using your SDSUID and password.

Once you begin the application process, make sure to click on and review the information and instructions contained on every tab at the top of your profile to thoroughly understand what you must complete. The tabs are: overview, questions, supporting docs and submit. You can access your account up until the deadline to make any edits or updates needed.

Submitting the Online Application

Successfully submitting the online application consists of completing the following actions within your account:

  • Fill out your profile and demographics information
  • Answer all applicable student leader application questions (questions tab)
  • Attach a resume, providing a link to a resume, or typing your resume directly into your account profile (supporting docs tab)
  • Provide the names and contact information for two (2) professional references. Professional references include supervisors (current, former), professors, faculty/staff or mentors. Current REO professional staff, FDSMs, and student leaders, are not able to serve as a reference (supporting docs tab)
  • Answer essay questions
  • Click "submit" (submit tab)

You will receive an email to confirm when your application has been submitted.  Also, on the overview tab of your profile a message stating the date and time that your application was submitted will also be displayed, along with a green circle around a black check mark icon captioned "submitted".  Until this occurs, your profile message will state "incomplete," and this means action is still needed on your part.  Review each tab again to ensure you have completed all action steps and have submitted your application.

Professional References

Only when your application has been submitted will your professional references be contacted. It is important to submit your application early enough so that your references are notified well in advance of the deadline to complete their reference form. Both references must be received by the deadline for your application to be fully completed and reviewed for interview consideration.

Once your application has been submitted, an email will automatically be generated to your references.  This email will provide them a link to click on, leading them to an online reference form.  They will complete and save this online.  When a reference has completed and submitted their reference on your behalf both you and the reference will receive an email confirming that their reference is received.  Once you have received an email confirming both of your references have completed their forms, your application is now fully complete and will be reviewed for interview consideration.

You can always log back into your profile and look at the supporting docs tab to see if a reference has or has not been completed.  If it is completed, a green circle with a black check mark in it and the word "completed" will be displayed next to each reference that is completed.  If the reference is not yet completed, you can click on the "send notification" box and the system will generate another email directly to your reference with the link to their reference form.  This is a good reminder to them, but it would also be helpful to follow up with an email, a phone call, or talking directly to your reference to ensure they complete this for you by the deadline.


When do I have to be back to school in August?

August Training begins approximately two weeks before the first day of classes. RA/CA/AMs are required to stay in the halls through the end of each semester, when the halls close. All RA/CA/AMs are expected to participate in all August and January training sessions. Specific dates will be provided to newly appointed RA/CA/AMs.

Do I get to choose where I'm going to live?

No. When you apply, we ask for your preferences in terms of what type of floor/community you would like most. In deciding placements, we maximize our strengths, consider space limitations and the staffing needs of each residential area. Thus, we cannot guarantee that you will be placed where you may like to be. Our goal is to hire the most qualified candidates to be Student Leaders. We use the Residential Community preferences as a guide to help us make the best match possible.

What is the time commitment?

In general, you’re expected to spend at least 20 hours per week in this role, but that is merely a guideline. Being a RA/CA/AM is more than taking on another activity, it is a lifestyle change. Your floor or building is your home, and you and your fellow RA/CA/AMs are responsible for developing the community environment in that home. Sometimes that means spending a lot of time on the floor or in the building with your residents or planning and presenting programs, and sometimes that means studying ahead of time so that you can do those other things the next week. There is no way to determine exactly how much time it will take to be an effective RA/CA/AM. Required training for the RA/CA/AM position takes place in August and January, In addition, Student Leader Training and team meetings will be held every Tuesday night during the academic year from 7:00pm-10:00pm. You will be unable to enroll in Tuesday night classes/labs. All RA/CAs participate in a duty rotation. The time commitment depends on you. If you are selected, we believe that you have the ability to stay involved in your current activities and handle the responsibilities of being an RA/CA/AM. We know that your campus involvement is an important part of who you are, and we wouldn’t expect you to sacrifice that, however, we expect that being an RA/CA/AM will be your top priority after your academics.

What if I am abroad in the fall/spring and cannot attend an info session?

Candidates who are abroad in the fall/spring must contact the Student Leader Selection Committee ( to receive the information electronically. Candidates who do not reach out for this information by noon on January 26 will not be considered for the Student Leader positions.

When will I find out if I've been selected?

All candidates will be notified of the results of the Student Leader selection process on Friday, March 23, 2018. Final hall placement decisions will be emailed by mid July.

Can I get help with my resume? 

Absolutely! We suggest that you visit Career Services. They can help you draft a resume from scratch or help you edit what you already have. 

Who should I ask to be my references? 

You will need two professional references from a professor, employer, coach, mentor (not a family member), or staff member, etc. Make sure you do this in plenty of time before the reference is due! References often get many requests and you want to allow them plenty of time to complete a well thought out reference for you!

How do I prepare for the interview?

  1. Make sure you understand why you want to be a residence hall student leader, and can communicate how you are an excellent candidate for the position.
  2. Talk to current RAs/CAs/AMs and ask lots of questions about the role, to make sure it is right for you.
  3. Be yourself!