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Student Success at SDSU

Living in the residence halls can help students connect to the university and be more successful. Continuing to live on campus for a second year is also critical for continued success. In fact, sophomores who live on campus have a 12-15 percent better chance of remaining in school than their off-campus counterparts.

Students who live off campus are placed on academic probation twice as often as their peers living on-campus. Students who live off-campus and are on academic probation have a nearly fifty percent chance of being academically disqualified from University at the end of their first year.

There are several reasons why students living on-campus are more successful than their off-campus friends. The benefits to returning to live on campus a second and/or third year include:

  • Each student signs an individual lease without taking on the responsibility of roommate expenses. Cable and WiFi are also included in the lease. This removes the liability of a roommate missing bills or “skipping out” on the rent.
  • Some complexes also include such benefits as assigned parking (at an additional cost), single bedrooms, and very close proximity to campus. They are also close to campus resources such as the library and computer labs.
  • If your student wants academic assistance, a series of academic support programs focused on sophomore and upper-classmen issues are available.
  • Community Assistants (CA) staff on-campus apartments. Like a Resident Assistant (RA), CA’s help students when problems arise but they are less proactive than an RA and focus on helping students when asked rather than actually assisting in the transition to campus.
  • Living on-campus frees your son or daughter from responsibilities such as having a car, driving daily through traffic and finding a parking space.
  • The on-campus trolley station means it’s easy to enjoy the San Diego area.