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Thematic Living Communities

Thematic living communities allow students with common interests to live together. Students who live in these areas are likely to find a cohesive group of friends with whom they can participate in special programs and events on and off campus. Academic courses are not paired with these living areas. Limited space is available in these areas. 

Aztec Engineering Residence

The Aztec Engineering program supports engineering students by housing them together for support and study group development. A special "engineering study room" is provided for study groups. *The College of Engineering strongly recommends freshmen Engineering majors reside here.

Residential Education also recommends women majoring in Engineering consider the Women in Science and Engineering (WiSE) learning community. The WiSE learning community offers additional resources and networking opportunities to participants. 

Global Pathways

Global Pathways is open to upper-division, graduate and exchange students. Located in Tarastec Apartments, Global Pathways is a residential community designed to provide students with a unique opportunity to live in an environment that fosters academic excellence, while encouraging cross-cultural understanding, cooperation, and friendship. 

American students are housed with international students from various countries and are able to share their cultures through a variety of social and educational programs. SDSU was recently ranked 2nd in the United States for students traveling abroad. This is a great way for American students to learn about a variety of cultures in this international neighborhood, and for International students to learn about American culture from their roommates. This program collaborates with the campus' International Student Center and is limited to 60 students per year. A Supplemental Application is required to live in Global Pathways.

Aztec Journey: Sophomore & Transfer Student Communities

The Aztec Journey Sophomore & Transfer Student Communities are located in the Villa Alvarado, Tarastec and Toltec apartments. Both living areas are open over the break periods. These communities are a great option for students who are continuing to attend San Diego State University after their first year or are new transfer students. Staff members assigned to work with these students design programs to help upperclass students with targeted interests like career and internship searches, study abroad experiences, and managing personal finances while meeting other students with similar experiences.