• Are facial coverings required in on-campus housing?

    Facial coverings are required in communal areas (front desk, communal kitchens, hallways, stairs, laundry facilities etc.). Facial coverings are not required in the assigned residence hall room, suite or apartment.

  • Will I be required to get the COVID-19 vaccine? 

    All students will be required to be fully immunized against COVID-19 to access campus facilities this fall.

    The CSU, of which SDSU is part, has indicated two important conditions: This requirement is contingent upon full approval of one or more vaccines by the U.S. Federal Drug Administration (FDA), and adequate availability of fully approved vaccines. The CSU indicated that the vaccine requirement will become effective at the beginning of the fall 2021 term, or upon full FDA approval of the vaccine, whichever occurs later.

    The CSU has indicated that students will be permitted to seek an exception this fall to getting the COVID-19 vaccine, to include an exemption for medical reasons. We do not yet have more specific details about exceptions, as guidelines are currently being developed. We will continue to keep our SDSU community informed as more information becomes available about the vaccine requirement, and continue to update our COVID-19 website.

  • Will we be allowed to bring in outside guests? 

    We will be reviewing all of our current COVID-19 related policies and taking into consideration the public health guidance we receive. We will be communicating all updates and changes to these policies. At this time, we would still allow two guests to join you and assist you on move-in day, with the expectation that they also follow the public health guidelines and policies we have in place. 

  • Are pets allowed in the halls?

    The only allowed pets are fish in a maximum 2-gallon tank, unless for medical reasons. If you are needing medical accommodations, please register with the Student Ability Success Center (SASC)

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Meal Plans

  • Are meal plans required?

    As a freshman living on campus, you will be required to have a meal plan. We offer three different meal plans to accommodate your needs, providing you the flexibility to eat when and where you want. You will have the opportunity to select your meal plan on the housing application and can change your meal plan during three designated meal plan change periods throughout the academic year.

    A meal plan will not be required for your sophomore year living on campus. However, meal plans are available for sophomore residents. Please note that sophomore meal plans cannot be changed once they are chosen.

  • Can I change my meal plan after the semester has started?

    Your meal plan may be changed at the Dining Services Office during the designated meal plan change dates.  Visit Meal Plan Changes and contact SDSU Dining at 619-594-7640 for questions.

  • I have specific dietary restrictions, can I elect not to have a meal plan?

    Campus dining accommodates a wide array of dietary restrictions. Our executive chef is available to consult with students regarding individual needs.

Do you have a question that's not listed? Contact us at [email protected] or 619-594-5742.