• Are pets allowed in the halls?

    The only allowed pets are fish in a maximum 2-gallon tank.

  • What are the policies for guests and overnight stays?

    All guests must be checked in at the front desk of the freshmen residence halls. Guests, including residents of other halls, must present a photo ID, driver's license, state ID or non-SDSU school ID. No other form of identification will be accepted. Visitors and guests in all communities, including residents of other halls, must be escorted and in attendance by the hosting resident at all times.

    Overnight guest(s) privileges are extended to all residents on a temporary and occasional basis only after securing approval from any and all roommates and registering the guest(s) at the hall desk. An overnight guest is considered anyone whose visit begins between the hours of 9:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. or a visit that lasts more than 6 hours that begins or ends within those hours. The same guest may not stay in a residence hall for more than four (4) nights per calendar month and may only stay two (2) consecutive nights per calendar month.

  • What are the policies regarding discrimination, harassment and retaliation, sexual misconduct, dating and domestic violence, and stalking against students?

    Please review the policies outlined in Executive Order 1097.

Housing Application/License Agreement

Housing Payments/Financial Aid

Room/Roommate/Living Community Preference

  • Will the triple room be larger than a double room?

    No, triple rooms are the same size as double rooms. We accommodate three sets of furniture by lofting two of the three beds.

  • Are assignments made first come first served?

    First-time freshmen are NOT assigned on a first come, first served basis. All first-time freshmen required to live on campus and first-time freshmen who apply for housing by the Intent to Enroll Deadline are guaranteed a space in housing. Assignments are made at random, based on the selected preferences listed in the living choices section of the submitted License Agreement.

    Returning students with a housing account in good standing are assigned on a first come, first served basis. Space confirmations will be sent out in May.

    Transfer, graduate and continuing students will be assigned on a first come, first served basis. Space confirmations will be sent out in May.

  • When will I know who my roommate is?

    If your assigned roommate has given our office permission to have their information released, you will be notified with their information via WebPortal in early August.

  • What if my roommate and I do not get along?

    If you are having a roommate conflict, see your Resident Advisor (RA). Your RA is available to you as a resource and can help mediate roommate conflict.

  • When will I know where I will be living?

    Your housing assignment will be posted on your WebPortal under Housing Application in early July.

  • Is Gender-Neutral housing available for freshmen?

    If you are an incoming freshman student interested in Gender-Neutral housing, please contact the Residential Education Office for more information at (619) 594-5742.

  • Will I be asked to leave my Residential Learning Community if I change my major?

    You will not be required to move out of your Residential Living Community. However, it may be beneficial to move to a community that better fits your needs.

  • Which utilities are included in the apartments?

    Water, trash, electricity, Philo TV streaming and Internet.

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