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Construction: Huāxyacac Hall

Uaxaca Hall rendering

Construction of Huāxyacac Hall started in the Fall of 2017. Huāxyacac Hall on the campus of San Diego State University has a total construction budget of $130,000,000. Huāxyacac Hall will include housing for more than 800 students, along with a market and coffee component that will serve the Huāxyacac Hall and Chapultepec Hall. 

Located on the west side of the San Diego State University campus off Remington Road and 55th Street Huāxyacac Hall is surrounded by Chapultepec Hall, Tony Gwynn Stadium, Aztec Aquaplex, Aztec Recreational Center, and Viejas Arena. Huāxyacac Hall will provide additional housing options to incoming students on the west side of campus. Demand for on-campus housing remains high and research shows that students who live on campus have higher GPAs and graduate faster than their peers.

The naming of the Huāxyacac Hall corresponds to the use of Nahuatl across the university’s campus. Numerous ways of spelling the Nahuatl word for Huāxyacac include: Uaxaca, Oaxaca, Guajaca, Huaxacac, Huaxyacac and Uajaca.

“Huāxyacac” refers to the region as it was known by the Aztecs prior to colonial contact. Huāxyacac also refers to the “place of the guaje,” a pod from the Leucaena leucocephala tree, more commonly known as the Guaje tree, that produces a type of bean.

Huāxyacac, then, is one of the Nahuatl variations of the original name given to the region currently known in Mexico as Oaxaca de Juarez (formerly Nueva Antequera). At the time of the Spanish invasion the Mexica/Nahua provided the Spanish with the name, Huāxyacac, which reflects the guaje tree, a primary food source then and now in what is currently Oaxaca. While there were earlier conversations about naming the hall Uaxaca Hall, SDSU, at the recommendation of the Aztec Culture Education Committee, opted in early 2019 to name it Huāxyacac Hall, in honor and alignment with naming conventions prior to colonial contact.

Both Huāxyacac and Uaxaca are aligned with indigenous, not Spanish references of the time.

Huāxyacac Hall offers double and triple occupancy rooms, and apartments for the residential education staff. The Hall includes multipurpose rooms, faculty offices, study areas, lounges, and a community kitchen. Student amenities include 24-hour front desk security, a mail room, indoor bike storage, laundry facilities, trash and recycling chutes, and outdoor courtyard space to enjoy the San Diego weather.

The project consists of 205,000 gross square footage of residential, outdoor, and market space. This includes 170,000 interior square feet, 4,300 square feet Market/Coffee component, and a 3,850 square feet community center. 

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Huaxyacac Hall Renderings