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Construction: Tenochca/Tula

Tenochca entrance rendering
Construction of the Tenochca Low-Rise and Tula Community Center is scheduled to start in the Summer of 2017. The Tenochca Low-Rise and Tula Community Center on the campus of San Diego State University has a total construction budget of $24,000,000.

Located on the east side of the San Diego State University campus off Montezuma Road and East Campus Drive the Tenochca Low-Rise and Tula Community Center is surrounded by Tenochca Hall, Zura Hall, Parking Structures 3 and 4, and the Cuicacalli walkway.

The Tenochca Low-Rise is a 2-story building that includes a first floor entry to Tenochca Hall, a second floor with apartments for residential education staff, and a second floor roof deck. The 9,000 square feet first floor space includes laundry facilities for Tenochca Hall, a Star Center, game room, and a community kitchen. The Tenochca Low-Rise will provide access to the revitalized pool area. The 6,400 square feet second floor includes a 3,000 square feet roof deck with a live plant roof along the perimeter of the deck and lounging options.

The 9,000 square feet Tula Community Center is a single story building with a large 4,035 square feet conference area that can be divided into three separate/equal conference areas. The Tula Community Center includes a 2,500 square feet exterior courtyard and a service kitchen. The Tula Community Center is intended to be used by a variety of campus departments throughout the school year and summer months. 

Tenochca/Tula Renderings