Early Move-Out

Students who would like to cancel their housing contract and leave on-campus housing due to COVID-19 concerns are able to do so. To be clear, the university is not closing housing, but clarifying that students do have a choice to leave without financial penalty.

The housing cancellation fee will be waived for all students who moved into their fall assignment and choose to cancel their license agreement. This fee will be refunded for students who moved into their fall assignments, have already moved out and were charged the normal cancellation fee. Students will only pay the room and board fees for the days they are on campus.

If you would like to proceed with cancellation, please complete the Contract Release Request Form. Decision letters take approximately 5 business days for COVID-19 concerns. Upon your approved
Contract Release Request, please complete the check-out procedures below.

Check-Out Procedures

Health & Safety

To help ensure personal and community health and well-being, please wear a face covering, practice physical distancing, wash your hands frequently and avoid congregating with others throughout the moving period. Review the information provided by the CDC on how to protect yourself and others.


Please clean your entire space including your bedroom, bathroom(s), kitchen and living area. This includes: 

  • Remove any stickers from furniture, doors, walls, and windows
  • Remove all non-university furniture and items
  • Take rugs and foam bed covers to the dumpsters

Cleaning supplies, trash bags, and vacuums are available at your community front desk. Fees may be assessed for spaces that are not cleaned properly.


Once you have removed all of your belongings and cleaned your space, report to your community front desk to request an express check-out envelope. Deposit your keys inside the envelope then seal and sign it. Leave the envelope in the designated box at the front desk. Please continue to follow physical distancing guidelines (approximately 6 feet from others) throughout the check-out process.

Moving Bins

Moving bins will be available to check out at your community front desk starting Monday, Sept 14. Disinfectant sprays will be provided to sanitize the moving bins.

Shipping & Storage

If you are needing to ship your belongings home or store your belongings, please make arrangements with our campus partner collegeboxes.com. Create an account and enter promo code SDSU2020 for 10% savings.

Mail & Packages

Update your mailing address in the WebPortal to your permanent address. Mail sent to the residential communities will be returned to the sender. If you are expecting a package, contact the sender to update to your permanent address. 

Bikes & Surfboards

Remember to take bicycles and surfboards home. Return your bike storage key (for Zura/Maya/Olmeca Bike Barn) in the express check-out envelope and remove all locks from surf lockers. Abandoned property will be removed and discarded.


All parking regulations are strictly enforced. Do not park in any fire lanes during move-out or at any time. If you received a garage remote for parking, please return it to your front desk.


Rent and meals will be prorated based on your date of check-out. If there is a credit on the account, it will be applied towards any balance before a refund is processed. Please allow 6 to 8 weeks for your refund to process. 


It is critical that you develop a travel plan to ensure your own safety as well as the safety of the members of the household where you will be returning. Please use the following guidance to create this plan:

  • Do not travel via public transportation, which includes busses, rideshare services (such as Uber or Lyft), trains and flying.
  • Travel by private vehicle. When traveling in the private vehicle, implement protective steps if you will be driving or riding with someone else. Including:
    • Both parties should wear facial coverings for the entire duration of the trip.
    • Limit physical contact.
    • Sit as physically distant as possible. 
    • Avoid using the recirculated air option. 
    • Clean and disinfect the vehicle after the trip.
  • Do not plan to quarantine or isolate in households where individuals with chronic conditions also reside.
  • Take all appropriate steps to prevent any spread in the household and adhere to any quarantine or isolation measures until the entire isolation or quarantine period is completed.
  • Advise all members of the household of your situation prior to moving in so they are all aware of the steps they need to take to protect themselves.
  • Make a plan for your medical care. Students in quarantine should identify places they can seek testing should they become symptomatic. Students in isolation should identify care providers where they can seek medical support, including emergency assistance if needed. Continue to use key health practices such as wearing your facial covering, physically distancing and washing your hands.