Sophomore QUEST

Sophomore QUEST programming for second-year students will provide you with an engaging living and learning environment tailored to your needs. Participation in this programming is designed to keep you on track for graduation and prepare you for life after SDSU.

Sophomore QUEST programming includes: 

  • Live-in faculty and staff support
  • STAR Center access 
  • Convenient access to the ARC, ARC Express and Aquaplex
  • Community building and social events
  • Academic advising workshops and one-on-one sessions
  • Career readiness: resume critiques, internship preparation, connecting with SDSU alumni and employers
  • Study abroad planning
  • Financial literacy education
  • Healthy living: Trader Joe’s smart shopping tours, healthy cooking demonstrations, creating balance and managing stress

Compared to living off campus, living on campus provides:

  • The ability to apply financial aid to housing and meal plan expenses
  • The ability to switch rooms to other residential communities on campus
  • 9-month (school year) and 11.5-month (through summer) leasing options
  • Live-in faculty and staff to assist with personal needs and host programs and activities
  • Convenient access to campus facilities  


Sophomore QUEST