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Apply: Freshmen 2019-2020

Step 1

Log into SDSU WebPortal and click on “Housing Application” on the left-side menu. Select the appropriate term. Then click apply.  You will be redirected to the Housing Portal. If this is your first-time logging in you will use your e-mail address registered in the WebPortal and click “New User” under the password entry box. You will be prompted to set-up your password and then be asked to login. Click on the “License Agreement” tab to select the application.

Click “Apply” to start your application. If you are accessing this page again, your application status will appear on screen. Please verify the information. If you have any concerns about the accuracy of your status as displayed contact the Office of Housing Administration at 619-594-5742 or [email protected].

Step 2

Use the Toolbar along the left side of the page to navigate through each of the sections of the application. Sections must be completed in order. You may quit at any time. Just save your information and logout. When you return to complete the application you will be automatically directed to the section where you left off. You may also click on any completed section to revisit that portion of your application.

Below is a list of possible sections that may be displayed in your toolbar.

Welcome: This page will confirm the period you are applying for and give you additional instruction on how to complete the process.

Personal Details:  Verify personal information such as name, birthdate, ID, address, and gender. If any information is incorrect you will need to log in to your WebPortal and make changes under the e-mail and address link.

Emergency Contact Information:  Verify your emergency contact name and emergency contact phone number. If these fields appear blank you will need to return to your WebPortal and add an emergency contact name and emergency contact number. You will need to wait 24-hours in order to proceed in your Housing Portal. In addition, complete the remaining emergency contact fields and missing person contact information in the Housing Portal page.

Meningitis Information:  This page provides important information about Meningococcal. You must indicate whether or not you have received a meningitis vaccine, and if you have, whether or not you plan to receive a booster, and if you have not, whether or not you intend to receive the vaccine.

Medical Accommodation: Provides information regarding the process to make a request for a reasonable housing accommodation. We also ask that you indicate whether or not you will be seeking a reasonable housing accommodation so that we may follow-up with your request.

Room Type Interest: Here we list all of the room types in our housing inventory. The majority of our inventory is triple occupancy. Please indicate interest in at least two different room types to be taken into consideration when we make your housing assignment.

Additional Accommodation Preferences: This page gives you the opportunity to share with our assignments team any assignment preferences you may have. For example, preference of a first floor.  We also ask for your consent to provide your assigned roommates your name and telephone number and if you will need Housing Over the Breaks.

Meal Plan: Here you select your meal plan. As a first time freshman, you are required to have a meal plan.

Community Interest: Here you can indicate which communities you are interested in. If you are not interested in living in a Residential Learning Community, you can choose “No Theme.”

Personal and Roommate Preferences: Provide information about your personal preferences, including habits and lifestyle.  This information is used to make roommates assignments.

Terms and Conditions: This page states the Terms & Conditions and the Policies & Regulations that govern all residential facility occupants. By completing and signing the Student Housing License Agreement, you agree to all of these provisions. Please read these provisions carefully before submitting a completed License Agreement.

Student Housing License Agreement Form: You will be asked to confirm that you understand the financial and legal obligations of residing in on-campus housing as well as the Terms & Conditions of the Student Housing License Agreement.

Guarantor Information: A guarantor is required for applicants under the age of 18 years old to guarantee payment. You will be prompted to enter first name, last name and email address. Your guarantor will be sent an e-mail and asked to agree to the Terms and Conditions of the License Agreement along with additional identification and contact details.

Initial Payment: You will need to provide the initial payment and non-refundable service fee of $375 to submit the License Agreement.

Receipt: This displays a printable receipt for the initial payment and non-refundable service fee.

License Agreement Submission: Click the Submit button to confirm the submission of your completed License Agreement.

Assignment Confirmation: This displays room assignment information. This page will be accessible in July.

Assignment and Roommate Confirmation: This page displays room assignment and roommate(s) information. This page will be accessible in August.