Parking & Transportation

Freshman On-Campus Resident Parking Policy

San Diego State University considers the on-campus living experience an integral and necessary part of a student's total education. As a community, we also believe in reducing our carbon footprint and supporting overall sustainability in alignment with the university's climate action goals.

In support of sustainability initiatives, incoming freshmen who live on campus will not be permitted to bring a car the first year of study at SDSU.

As with other campus policies, to assist students who may have unique needs, freshmen with documented hardships are able and encouraged to apply for a waiver. The waiver must be completed and submitted by April 30, 2021, prior to the student’s first semester of enrollment. Hardships may include a medical or disability related need, a military need, employment needs and other compelling circumstances. All waiver requests must be approved prior to bringing the vehicle to campus.

For more information, please visit the Freshman On-Campus Resident Parking Policy web page. 

Transportation Options

SDSU encourages students -- as well as faculty and staff -- to both consider and utilize the many alternatives to having a vehicle on campus, including use of the bus and trolley systems and also ride sharing. SDSU has partnered with Zipcar, a car sharing service available to students 18 years and older and Waze which allows students to post rides or request rides through the Waze phone app. More information can be found SDSU's Commuting & Transportation web page.