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Learning Communities

The Residential Education Office strives to provide a safe, inclusive, and supportive experience for all students. We offer specialized learning and thematic communities for freshmen and sophomores. In addition, we offer gender-inclusive housing, housing over university breaks and provide other accommodations to meet student needs.

Residential Learning Communities

Residential Learning Communities (RLC) at San Diego State University provide you with a unique opportunity to connect and learn, both inside and outside the classroom. In an RLC, you will live alongside other students with shared academic or co-curricular interests and are enrolled in a connected set of academic courses to help produce smaller, more intentional communities that promote student success.Your education will be supported by faculty-in-residence (FIR) and Academic Mentors (AM) through related social activities and one-on-one mentorship. 

  • Adventures in Surfing and Sustainability

    San Diego is a southern Californian surfing Mecca. Whether you already surf or you'd like to learn, the faculty and student's of SDSU's Center for Surf Research will get you stoked on surfing, its history, culture, and its transition to sustainability. Through field trips, hands on experiences and lectures you will learn about the threats to surfing culture and environments, San Diego's surf-driven culture of sustainability, and how you can be a part of the solution to global challenges. Students are typically enrolled in PSFA 100 and University Seminar.

  • Business

    The Businees Floor provides opportunities for students to explore innovation, creativity and character development in the business field, with an emphasis on the development of business ethics and personal values. Students in this community are typically enrolled in Business Administration 100B and Economics 101.

  • Discover San Diego State
    Discover San Diego State is designed to introduce students to the university and the San Diego area. Participants have the opportunity to take field trips around the city and get tips on how to transition to a college and a new city. Students in this community are typically enrolled in University Seminar.
  • Emerging Leaders Program
    The Emerging Leaders Program is an exciting and interactive learning experience introducing students to leadership development and the SDSU Leadership Minor. Students in this community are typically enrolled in the first course of the Leadership Minor, ARP 205 (Exploring Leadership) and ARP 296 (Introduction to Leadership). 
  • Future Education Professionals
    Explore the fulfillment and opportunities available when working as an education professional. All majors are welcome. Students develop a community with others who are preparing for education careers. Students in this community are typically enrolled in University Seminar.
  • Health and Healing Professions
    Students interested in health or allied health professions will examine the role of healing, nutrition and wellness, as well as have networking opportunities in the fast-growing fields of health and healing. Students in this community are typically enrolled in Sociology 101 and University Seminar.
  • Weber Honors College
    Students interested in living in this community must first apply for and be accepted to the Weber Honors College. Honors students living in this community share a commitment to achievement and enjoy an array of academic, co-curricular, and experiential activities focused on deep engagement. All students in this community are required to enroll in the 1-unit introductory honors seminar HONOR 100 in the fall semester. For more information, contact [email protected] or (619) 594-2872. Applications are available on the Weber Honors College website.
  • Journalism and Media Studies
    Learn more about advertising, journalism, public relations and other professional media fields.  Participants undertake activities and seminars focused on the media industry and get a broad look at the opportunities in these professional communication fields. Students in this community are typically enrolled in Journalism and Media Studies 200 and University Seminar.
  • Journey Into Entrepreneurship
    This interactive learning experience will provide insight into the world of entrepreneurship. Students will explore and learn key elements of starting a company and hear stories from entrepreneurship alums. Students from all majors are welcome. Students in this community are typically enrolled in Business Administration 100B.
  • Men Engaging in Technology and Science (METS)
    The METS floor provides services and activities to help support men pursuing their studies in the sciences, technology, engineering and mathematics. Students in this community are typically enrolled in Political Science 102 and University Seminar.
  • Nursing
    The Nursing community provides students with the opportunity to develop lifelong friendships and a strong social support system with classmates during their journey through the rigorous Nursing program. Students in this community form study groups, attend workshops and network with upper class Nursing students. Students will be enrolled in several science-intensive courses such as Microbiology, General Organic and Biological Chemistry and Human Anatomy.
  • Physical Fitness (P-Fit)
    The Physical Fitness (P-Fit) floor fosters wellness and healthy lifestyle choices for students interested in the fields of exercise, nutrition and physical activity. Students in this communtiy are typically enrolled in University Seminar.
  • Pre-Law Community  
    The Pre-Law Community provides services and activities to help support student successfor preparation in pursuing a law career. Learn about university success and career options through guest speakers, on-campus visits, and involvement with other students, faculty and staff. Students in this community are typically enrolled in Philosophy 102 and University Seminar.
  • Pride House  (LGBTQIA+) 
    The Pride House creates a safe and affirming environment  for those within the LGBTQIA+ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer or questioning, intersex, asexual, or ally) community. All sexual orientations and gender identities are welcome in this community. Students will participate in educational programming and leadership development activities that will enhance their understanding of how to impact positive change in the world. Students are typically enrolled in University Seminar.
  • Toltec House for Undeclared Majors

    Toltec residents are students exploring major and career options. Community members develop a strong sense of identity and influence through academic and social programming. Students in this community are typically enrolled in ARP 205 (Exploring Leadership) and ARP 296 (Introduction to Leadership).  

  • Visual and Performing Arts
    Students can express themselves creatively through music, dance, film making and many other art forms. This community will examine the distinctions amongst various modes of creative expression. Film screenings, guest artists, field trips and workshops will be offered. Students in this community are typically enrolled in Theatre 100 and University Seminar. 
  • Women in Science and Engineering (WiSE)
    WiSE is a supportive community for women interested in careers in the sciences, technology, math and engineering. Students in this community are typically enrolled in Political Science 102 and University Seminar.  
  • Women's and Gender Equity House (WAGE)
    The Women's and Gender Equity (WAGE) House connects students who are interested in feminism, gender equity and social change. WAGE residents will explore contemporary women's issues through learning excursions, speakers, and local advocacy efforts. Students of all gender identities are welcome in the WAGE House. Residents in this community are typically enrolled in Women's Studies and University Seminar. 

Thematic Living Communities

Thematic Living Communities provide you with the opportunity to live with students with common interests without paired academic courses. In a Thematic Living Community, you are likely to find a cohesive group of friends with whom you can participate in academic and social programs focused around your community theme.

  • Aztec Engineering

    The Aztec Engineering program supports engineering students by housing them together for support and study group development.

  • Extended Quiet Hours

    Available in various halls, these areas feature extended quiet study hours as determined by the residents. All residents and their guests are required to adhere to these policies.

  • Substance Free
    These areas promote a healthy living environment. Substance Free Lifestyle community members desire to live a well-balanced and fun way of life and are looking to share these values with other like-minded individuals.  Students in this community pledge to live their lives free of alcohol, tobacco, and other mind-altering substances both on and off campus. (All residence halls are non-smoking in accordance with California state laws.) Guests of residents in these areas are expected to adhere to this lifestyle. SDSU residence halls comply with all state and federal regulations relating to the use of alcohol and other drugs.

Applying for a Learning Community

You can indicate your preference for a learning community in the Living Choices section of the housing application. You will be notified in July of your placement in a living community.

If accepted into a Residential Learning Community (RLC), you will be automatically enrolled in courses related to your RLC. You must remain enrolled in all courses in your cohort in order to remain in your learning community.