As a resident of SDSU Housing, you will receive communications from the Office of Housing Administration on a regular basis. Communications include, but are not limited to, license agreement reminders, space assignments, move-in guides, scheduled maintenance and service, health and safety inspections, community programming, campus events, break closures and move-out.

We expect all residents to be attentive to their @sdsu email account and cell phone for these important notices. Communications will be shared based on content via the channels below. 


Sent to your @sdsu email account. Please do not opt out of emails from the Office of Housing Administration at [email protected]

  • License agreements
  • Assignments
  • Move-in/Move-out
  • Break closures
  • Health & safety inspections
  • Billing
  • Electricity overages
  • Service requests
  • Surveys


Sent to the @SDSU_Housing Instagram account. Be sure to follow for announcements, updates, events and more. 

  • Dining & food vendors
  • Community programming 
  • Campus events 
  • Health & safety
  • Job announcements 

Phone & Text

Sent to the cell phone number provided on the Housing Portal. Please do not opt out of text communications. 

  • Emergencies
  • Scheduled maintenance or service
  • Utility outages
  • Items needing immediate attention