Rates & Payments

Housing Rates

Housing rates vary based on room type and meal plan selections.

2024-25 Rates

first year rate sheet 2024-25
First-Year Residents
sophomore rate sheet 2024-25
Sophomore & Upper-Division Residents

2023-24 Rates

first year rate shseet
First-Year Residents
sophomore rate sheet
Sophomore & Upper-Division Residents


Students with a 9-month license agreement pay in eight installments, August through April. Students with an 11.5-month license agreement pay in ten installments, August through June.

  • August 20 - 1st installment due
  • September 20 - 2nd installment due
  • October 20 - 3rd installment due
  • November 20 - 4th installment due 
  • January 20 - 5th installment due
  • February 20 - 6th installment due 
  • March 20 - 7th installment due
  • April 20 - 8th installment due
  • May 20 - 9th installment due for 11.5-month license agreements only
  • June 20 - 10th installment due for 11.5-month license agreements only

Housing bills are issued electronically and are due on the 20th of the month. Account information including balances and payment schedule are available via my.SDSU. 


Late Payments

Starting the 21st of the month, the Office of Housing Administration will begin outreach efforts to students with a past due housing balance. The following late fees and holds will be applied one week after the installment due date. 

  • $50 Late Fee: Applied around the 27th of the month.
  • Cashier’s hold: Prevents services from the university (class registration, transcripts, etc). Applied around the 28th of the month.
  • Meal plan hold (if applicable): prevents ability to use meal plan. Applied on the Monday one week after the 20th of the month.

Financial Resources

Are you experiencing financial hardship? We are here to support you and connect you to campus resources. Please contact the Housing virtual desk on Zoom Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. and ask to speak to our Student Account Coordinator. 

  • Make smaller payments toward the bill. You can make smaller payments towards your bill as a way to ease the burden of one large payment. For examplepay $500 each week before the due date instead of $2,000 on the due date. 
  • Check my.SDSU. Log into my.SDSU to see if financial aid and scholarships have been awarded or if additional information is needed. If your financial aid award has been determined, there may be additional action needed depending on the type of aid. Grants and scholarships are automatically applied to your account. Any financial aid funds remaining after your tuition and fees have been paid will be credited to your housing bill. For questions regarding financial aid, contact the Student Financial Center virtual desk on Zoom. 
  • Activate a student loan or request a parent loan. If awarded financial aid, you can activate a student loan or a parent can request a parent loan. This will be found on my.SDSU and under the "Financial Aid and Scholarship Eligibility" section. Parents must apply for the parent loan at studentaid.gov, and must pass a credit check. 
  • Search and apply for scholarships. Visit SDSU’s scholarship search and application portal at Aztec Scholarships to apply for scholarships to help pay university expenses. 
  • Request Assistance From the Economic Crisis Response Team ECRT)SDSU’s ECRT can help you connect with resources, both on and off campus, to help get you through an immediate food, housing or financial crisis. Request assistance from ECRT by emailing [email protected].
  • Submit a Contract Release Request. If you have circumstances that meet the criteria for a contract release, you may submit a Contract Release Request to cancel your license agreement. More information regarding Contract Release Requests may be found on the License Agreement page. 


Log into my.SDSU to see if financial aid and scholarships have been awarded or if additional information is needed. If funding has been awarded, there may be additional action needed depending on the type of aid. Grants and scholarships are automatically applied to your account. You will need to activate student and parent loans. You may have been selected for verification and may be required to turn in additional information.

Check my.SDSU to ensure you have provided the requested information. Once you have submitted all of the requisite verification information, there is typically a 4-6 week processing period to determine your award.

A $20 late fee as well as a cashier’s and meal plan hold will be applied to the account one week past the payment due date (refer to payment schedule timeline above). After 44 days past due, a debt will be moved to internal collections with SDSU and additional debt collection efforts will begin, including collections fees. SDSU reserves the right to send debts to an external collections agency after six months. Debts sent to an external collection will impact your credit score.

Arrange for payments to be made whether out-of-pocket or addressing any FAFSA requests from the Student Financial Center via my.SDSU. If you have third-party funding, provide Student Account Services with any confirmation of this. If you have questions on the cashier’s hold, please contact the Student Financial Center virtual desk on Zoom. 

A meal plan is placed on hold for past due meal plan balances. When this happens, pay for your meals with cash, debit or credit and keep your receipts. The receipts must be from locations where meal plans are accepted and within the stipulations of your meal plan. Itemized receipts are required from locations that serve alcohol in order to obtain reimbursement. After your late payment is made, notify Dining by phone at 619-594-7640 or email at [email protected]. Once verified, they will remove your meal plan from hold. Once the hold has been removed you may continue using your meal plan and if applicable, email your receipts (in order by date) to Dining no more than two weeks after your hold is lifted for a refund. Remember to leave adequate funds in your meal plan to cover your reimbursement amount and to include your RedID and name in all correspondence.

Installments are predetermined payments spread evenly over a set number of months (8 months for 9-month agreement, 10 months for 11.5-month agreement), regardless of when the student moves in or out.

View different payment options on the University Bursar's Office website.

Included Fees

Learn more about the fees included in housing and dining rates.

Included in the total housing cost is a $375 non-refundable initial payment, which must be submitted with the license agreement to reserve housing. The $375 initial payment is deducted from the total amount due and is not a deposit.

Included in the first scheduled payment is a non-refundable activity fee and service fee for the academic year. The activity fee of $165 allows the Residence Hall Association RHA) and Hall/Community Councils to provide educational and social programs and incentives to residents as well as access to recreational equipment. The service fee of $40 covers administrative and processing costs for housing and meal plan payments. 

Your meal plan incorporates a $595 administrative fee. This fee serves to offset non-food operational expenses associated with the meal program, including the maintenance of meal plan software, equipment, overhead, and other related costs.