Our Values

Watch to learn about the values of the Office of Housing Administration and Residential Education Office at SDSU.

Office of Housing Administration 

The Office of Housing Administration aspires to transform lives through our dynamic and educationally-engaging residential communities and environments. Our mission is to provide enriching housing environments that support growth for students transitioning to the university as well as those seeking to benefit from the complete collegiate experience through our engaged, innovative and responsive team dedicated to good stewardship of facilities, finances and resources in support of San Diego State University's commitment to academic excellence.


Integrity: Upholding the ideals of honesty, professionalism, accountability and responsibility. 

Community: Building and achieving a sense of belonging, security and commonality, while appreciating individuality in order to work, learn and grow together. 

Quality: Creating a culture of care-in-action for the on-campus living experience through effective service and the management of our environments. 

Life Education: Developing lifelong learning and professional practices that are transferable to life beyond the university experience.

Strategic Goals

Student Success: To enhance student learning within our facilities by promoting a positive living and learning environment that emphasizes community building, avenues of self-discovery and frequent opportunities for engagement.

Staff Success: To promote consistency and utilize experience by hiring, retaining, developing and motivating a knowledgeable and engaged staff to increase foundational effectiveness and quality service.

Collaboration: To leverage knowledge and talent aligned with University goals, policies and business practices and connect with campus colleagues to implement high quality student services that support a flexible, customized learning and living experience that fosters personal growth and discovery.

Stewardship: To demonstrate exceptional care of our facilities, staff and resources by producing and maintaining diverse living spaces with accessible, efficient, sustainable and accommodating physical environments in order to invest in and create student success, both personal and academic.

Residential Education Office

The Residential Education Office strives to provide safe and supportive on-campus living learning communities where diverse students are challenged to develop holistically; as scholars, citizens and leaders. Residential education staff members are dedicated to providing curricular and co-curricular experiences to develop and enhance residents’ academic success, awareness and appreciation of diversity and civic responsibility.


Residential Education's values are a set of core beliefs that guide our work with students, colleagues, faculty and other constituents. While contributing to the goals of the University and the Division of Student Affairs, staff members of the Residential Education Office strive to:

  • Achieve excellence in all that we do
  • Address students as unique individuals with multidimensional needs and unlimited potential for personal development
  • Promote integrity, accountability, responsibility, respect and collaboration
  • Promote the connectedness between curricular and co-curricular learning
  • Embrace, celebrate and educate issues related to diversity
  • Develop communities that embrace civic responsibility, life-long learning and healthy lifestyles
  • Maintain balance and perspective, serving as sound role models for others
  • Innovate, evaluate and refine programs to best meet the needs of the changing student population