License Agreement

By signing the Student Housing License Agreement, a student is indicating that they are an adult who is mature and capable of handling the responsibilities of living on campus which include being accountable for their behavior, recognizing the compromises necessary when living with others and confronting someone who violates their rights.

The terms and conditions as well as policies and regulations govern all residents. By completing and signing the license agreement, a student agrees to all of these provisions. Please read these provisions carefully before submitting a completed license agreement on the Housing Portal.



SDSU recognizes that exemptions to the university residency requirement may be appropriate in certain circumstances and may be requested by incoming first-year students by completing the Exemption Request Form

To ensure timely consideration, exemption requests must be submitted to the Office of Housing Administration via email at [email protected] no later than the student's Intent to Enroll deadline. Students are required to provide supporting documentation for each exemption criteria that applies.

  • Married/Domestic partnership and/or with legally dependent children
  • Limited credit student
  • Medical and disability circumstances
  • Financial hardship
  • Age 21 or older
  • Other


Cancellation Deadlines:

  • 2024-25 Academic Year: July 22, 2024
  • Spring 2025 Only: Dec. 20, 2024

Students who are not required to live on campus or students who have withdrawn from the university may cancel their license agreement before the cancellation deadline for the applicable contract period (30-days prior to move-in). To cancel, the student must send a cancellation letter from their @sdsu email to the Office of Housing Administration via email at [email protected] with the below requirements. The cancellation letter must be emailed no later than the cancellation deadline.

Cancellation Letter Requirements:

  • Student's name
  • Red ID number
  • Signature
  • Date
  • Brief explanation regarding cancellation
  • Sent from student @sdsu email

Students who cancel their license agreement after the cancellation deadline are charged the end-of-contract fee and $25 meal plan cancellation fee, if applicable. The end-of-contract fee is determined by the student's room assignment and remaining contract days on the date the student vacates their space or based on the date the student's cancellation letter is received, if the student has not moved-in.

Students who have withdrawn from the university and cancel their license agreements after the cancellation deadline are assessed any applicable rent charges and a 30-day cancellation charge and $25 meal plan cancellation fee, if applicable.

Contract Release Request

Students who want to cancel their license agreement after the cancellation deadline and have circumstances that meet the criteria below may submit a Contract Release Request via the online web form. 
  • Student is withdrawing from SDSU
  • Student has a financial hardship
  • Student has a medical hardship
  • Student is participating in a study abroad or non-local internship program
  • Student is on a one semester exchange program
  • Student is graduating during contract period
  • Student is deployed for active military duty
  • Student is signing a lease with M@College (2nd year university housing requirement only)

If you are no longer enrolled at SDSU and unable to access the Contract Release Request web form, please contact [email protected] to request a .pdf version of the form.