COVID-19 Information for Residents

Last updated May 22, 2023

Vaccine Requirements

San Diego State University is committed to the protection of health and wellness of all students. To comply with this goal, students are required to provide documentation of COVID-19 vaccination in accordance with the university’s Immunization Policy.

All new Fall 2023 students must submit their immunization records by July 15, 2023 to avoid a hold on their Spring 2024 registration.

COVID-19 Vaccination Requirement
Upload your COVID-19 vaccination and booster records to HealtheConnect. For new students, your records must be uploaded by July 15, 2023.

Medical or Religious Exemptions
COVID-19 vaccines are required for all students, with the exception of those that have been approved for a medical or religious exemption by the university.

COVID-19 Testing Requirement Discontinued
Public health officials in the United States and with the World Health Organization are reporting declines in COVID-19-related deaths, hospitalizations and intensive care unit admissions. Agencies are also reporting high levels of population immunity to SARS-CoV-2. Given improved local and national conditions, residential students will no longer be required to complete COVID-19 testing prior to or following move-in.

  • COVID-19 testing will remain available in the vending machine at the Calpulli Center. Additional updates regarding other testing availability for fall will be shared with the campus community this summer.
  • Home rapid test kits continue to be available for purchase at the Student Health Services Pharmacy.

isolation & quarantine

In accordance with the San Diego County and Imperial County public health orders, San Diego State University updated its isolation and quarantine policy for all university community members. There are important distinctions between “isolation” and “quarantine” and in the protocols student residents must follow, and we ask that students always follow the direction of medical providers.

  • Isolation is for students who have tested positive for COVID-19.
  • Quarantine is for students who were exposed to COVID-19 to see if they become infected.

Isolation Process

Here’s what to expect when a student resident tests positive for COVID-19 while living in on-campus housing*.

*On-campus housing includes students with a housing license agreement through SDSU. It does not include students in SDSU-affiliated housing.

Step 1: All students must continue to report their positive COVID-19 test to SDSU. If tested at SDSU, the results are typically ready within 1-2 days. If not tested at SDSU, the student should report their positive test within 2 hours of receipt.

Step 2: Following the positive test result, the student is contacted by a COVID Assessment and Response team member to help understand onset of symptoms and assist with notification of close contacts as needed.

Step 3:  In accordance with San Diego County and California Department of Public Health guidelines, students who test positive for COVID-19 must isolate for at least five full days from their symptom onset date or from their asymptomatic test date.

The student is expected to stay in their room unless they need to use the building’s facilities (bathroom, shower, kitchen, laundry, etc.), pick up food or attend a doctor’s appointment. When using the building’s facilities or picking up food, the student must avoid physical contact with others (excluding roommates that are in the same unit) and wear a facial covering at all times. The student may pick up food on campus or order food using delivery app services such as Doordash, GrubHub and AmazonFresh.  

Step 4: The COVID Assessment and Response team member will advise the student on their isolation exit date. On that date, the student may leave isolation and return to normal activities, but is advised to wear a facial covering through day 10 or until receiving two negative home tests, 24 hours apart.

Quarantine Process

In accordance with recent guidance from the California Department of Public Health, students who have been exposed to someone who is COVID-positive and who are asymptomatic are not required to quarantine, regardless of their vaccination status. These individuals should seek testing 3-5 days following exposure, monitor for symptoms and wear a facial covering.

Students who have been exposed and are symptomatic are required to seek testing and quarantine until test results are back, and report this symptomatic exposure to the university.